About the Courses

Learn Danish as Individual person:

In one-on-one sessions, the instructor can tailor the content to your specific needs, pace, and learning style. You receive personalized feedback and guidance, which accelerates your progress.
You can be better at grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. And if you need to pass "The official Danish Exam" on level 1, 2 or 3 it can be done much faster.

Learn Danish as a Company

Understanding Danish culture and business etiquette fosters better relationships. It shows respect for local customs and values, leading to successful negotiations and partnerships.
Remember, investing in Danish language skills can enhance your company’s presence, reputation, and overall success in Denmark.
It will also help your employees to feel more valued in relation to you investing in their integration in Denmark and make them want to stay in Denmark and in your company.

Danish Classes on-line

You can learn Danish as Individual person or in group on-line. We use Zoom and the only important thing is to have a good connection to the internet. We will see each other all the time and use google drive for writing.

You will receive teaching materials that suit you and your progress, and the teacher will come to your address or your company. Or if you want, you can come to our addresses in Aalborg, Hobro or Randers.